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Company's Profile

Name Kyoya Co., Ltd.
Establishment January in 1969
Incorporation January in 1974
Capital 30,000,000 JPY
President & CEO Mitsuru Tanabe
Employees 22 persons (01/2014)
Address 9-20 Nakata-cho Kochi City, 780-8007, Japan
Tel: +81-88-831-0005, Fax: +81-88-831-1935
Major Partners 45 Department stores (01/2014)
Major Banks Kochi Bank, Shikoku Bank, Iyo Bank
Member of Organization Japan Coral Association (Director)
Precious Coral Protection and Development Association (Director)


Precious coral is the special product in Kochi. We Kyoya Co., Ltd. have expanded it in Japan for over forty years since 1969. Meanwhile, we believe that our purpose is not only to sell the products but also to deliver “impression” and “joy” to each customer.
Now and in the future, we strive to be “more company” that is loved by people and “more company” that is able to give happiness to many people.
For more people who will have shared precious time with us even little, we hope each of them to give us a comment “I’m glad to have met Kyoya”. That is our final object in our business.

Please hope for our future success.
We will appreciate your continued support and encouragement from now on too.

Contact us

Kyoya Co., Ltd.
9-20 Nakata-cho Kochi City, 780-8007, Japan
Tel: +81-88-831-0005, Fax: +81-88-831-1935